What Is Propolis?


There are many uses and historical benefits of using propolis oil and tinctures. Some benefits of propolis include its ability to build up and protect the immune system. It can aid in prevention of certain types of cancer, reduce inflammation, lessen allergic reactions, heal wounds, promote circulation, boost eye health, stop cell death, improve cognition, and even strengthen bones.

Although bees are most famous for their HONEY they also have another valuable tool in their arsenal. Propolis, also commonly known as bee glue, is actually a type of resinous material that bees can collect on their legs from flowers, buds, and other sources of sap. This propolis is then brought back to the hive, where it is essentially used as a glue to fix damage in parts of the hive. While beeswax is generally used for the large-scale construction, this propolis is used continuously to repair their home.

For thousands of years, propolis has been acquired and extracted from hives and used in traditional medicines; however, research has shown that humans are not the only ones who understand the value of propolis. Not only does bee glue repair their hive, it also protects  them against diseases and provides a healthy environment for them to survive. Many of the applications of propolis for humans rely on those same characteristics. Research is ongoing concerning propolis’ use for many health issues, but thousands of years of traditional use says a lot.

Since bees are found throughout the world, many different applications and uses for propolis have been discovered and popularized. With the rise of global information sharing, propolis has once again grown in popularity thanks to its many beneficial qualities. These health benefits are largely attributable to the terpenes, essential oils, antioxidants, organic compounds, and natural acids found in the propolis. Different regions contain different nutrient makeup and flower species, so propolis can vary in combination around the world. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the many health benefits of propolis!

Wound Healing

As explained above, one of the most valuable aspects of propolis, both for humans and bees, is its natural antiseptic qualities .By spreading propolis or extract on wounds, you can protect open sores and cuts from infection, which are often far more serious than the wounds themselves. Secondly, the antioxidants contained in propolis can act to speed wound healing, stimulating blood flow and growth in those areas, along with reducing inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Activity

In a similar vein, propolis can also be used as an anti-inflammatory cream for bug bites and other skin afflictions for thousands of years, insect bites, rashes, and skin irritation of every kind has been treated with salves made with propolis or applying the substance directly to the skin. This makes it very effective today as a treatment for acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other infections on our body’s largest organ!

Stimulate Circulation

Some of the other active ingredients found in propolis stimulate the circulatory system in the body, which can help improve blood flow and oxygenation of various parts of the body. This means a boost in energy more rapid wound healing, and a metabolism.blood flow through the arteries and blood vessels is also important to promote heart health, and will lessen the chances of of blood clots, atherosclerosis and subsequent heart attacks or strokes.

Boost Immunity

While we mentioned the antiseptic abilities of propolis, the impact it can have on our immune system is actually much greater. By adding small amounts of propolis to your diet, you can actually increase the strength of your immune system due to its natural antiviral and antibacterial effects . Your immune system can use all the help it can get, and the unique composition of propolis found all over the world give an antioxidant boost throughout your system.

Antioxidant Power

Free radicals are a problem that we all need to deal with, because they are the natural byproducts of cellular metabolism, but they can cause cellular mutation, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Fortunately, antioxidants are able to neutralize and eliminate free radicals from many different systems of our body, which is why a high-antioxidant substance like propolis can be so valuable. Antioxidants work in conjunction with the immune system to eliminate foreign invaders and slow down the advance of free radicals.

Cancer Prevention

This antioxidant potential of propolis has made it very interesting to researchers who are constantly looking for new angles to attack cancer. As cancer is caused by mutated cells that then infect others, propolis has been shown to be an effective preventative measure for this in some types of cancer. Research is ongoing it is a very exciting time for cancer research as more and more traditional remedies are given their day in the sun, per se.


In recent research studies, propolis has been found to reduce the severity of allergic reactions. By inhibiting the production [9] of histamines, which occur when an allergen is encountered, propolis can help lessen the impact of allergens and thus improve the normality and quality of life to those who use it.


One of the other effects [10] of antioxidants is an improvement in cognitive abilities. Free radicals are partially responsible for the “cobwebs” of old age, and by stimulating the use and creation of new neural pathways, propolis is able to keep cognitive disorders at bay and improve memory, retention, and interaction skills as we age.

Oral Health

Due to the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of propolis, bee glue is also widely used in oral hygiene products. It has been found to reduce plaque, canker sores, herpes, and various other oral diseases that affect the lips, gums, and throat. its concentrated forms have been very effective in improving oral health.


If you have ever worried about the quality of your vision as you age, then “look” no further than propolis, which has been connected to a reduction in cataracts formation. This is believed to be due to the antioxidants, amino acids, and bioflavonoids that are found in propolis.

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Among many bee propolis benefits, there are anti-hyperglycemia properties. Studies show that bee propolis can stabilize glucose/blood sugar level within our body’s, thus, enabling it as a treatment for diabetes.


Bee Propolis for Acne

BY Carol Sarao • August 14, 2017

You don’t have to be a teenager to be afflicted with acne now and then. An inflammatory skin disorder, acne is caused by your pores becoming clogged with dead cells and excess skin oil. Inflammation-causing bacteria living on your skin can exacerbate the condition, causing nodules and cysts, which may result in permanent scarring. Acne can damage your self-esteem and even cause depression, but it is treatable. Your dermatologist may prescribe topical retinoids and antibiotics for your acne. Natural healers sometimes recommend propolis, a bee product, to alleviate acne. propolis’ antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Features of Propolis

Propolis — also known as bee glue and hive dross — is a greenish-brown or reddish-brown resinous substance collected by honeybees from the leaf buds and barks of conifer and poplar trees and used as caulk to seal gaps and holes in hives. The Greek philosopher Aristotle coined the name propolis, using “pro” — in front of — and “polis” — city — to refer to the use of propolis at the entrances of the bees’ hives, or cities. Propolis has been used since roughly 300 B.C. as a cosmetic and a medicine, and has been employed in folk and traditional medicine to heal burns and protect wounds from gangrene. Propolis is currently being studied for its anti-cancer properties. Modern-day herbalists may recommend the use of propolis to treat skin conditions, boost the immune system, treat tuberculosis, decrease cavities, prevent canker sores and promote the health of damaged teeth.


Propolis and Depression

Black Drawing Salve

Black drawing salve is a natural remedy, used since the oldest of times, by people belonging to the Amish community. Today, this ointment has become quite popular, being used not only to pull out toxins such as pimples and spider bites, but also any foreign objects stuck into the skin.

The ointment is a mixture of natural remedies, including organic oils infused with Comfrey ,Calendula and Plantain ,Raw honey, teatree essential oils, our beeswax, activated charcoal. The activated charcoal is one of the main ingredients of this ointment. Used for the treatment of minor skin issues, it has proven out to be quite effective, helping the skin heal faster and return to its healthy status.
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Crystal Energy Pain Relief

Crystal Energy is an all-natural emollient with powdered crystals and gemstones that promote natural healing. When applied to the area of pain or stiffness crystal energy will relieve discomfort. Crystals and gemstones create a natural vibration which unblocks energy flow and stops pain.

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Can Crystals Really Help with Pain Relief?


Crystals and gemstones have been used to relieve pain since ancient times. They are often utilized in long-term pain management therapy programs to this day and are gaining popularity. Meditating with crystals will reduce your discomfort, but some crystals gemstones can be used to directly target and eliminate pain at the source.


Pain is not just uncomfortable. It triggers physiological and emotional responses that can slow healing or, in the case of life-long chronic pain, reduce your quality of life. Painkillers often help but they can cause damage if they are used too long. Crystals relieve the pain without doing harm to vital organs.


Crystals vibrate or resonate. These vibrations work to alleviate pain and help the body heal, but you need to find the right crystal for the pain. We have done the research for you with Honeybee Nanny’s Crystal Energy.

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The Human Energy System

The Aura, Subtle Bodies & Chakras

We are all quite familiar with our physical bodies and their functions, but often less so with our bodies subtle energy systems. Seen from an energetic perspective, each of us are made up of layers of vibrating energy. Each layer has its own specific vibration and purpose.

Below you can find out more about it all works and the importance it plays in our overall balance and wellbeing.

The Physical Body and the Subtle Energy Systems

The physical body consists of energy that vibrates very slowly, which is why it appears to our physical eyes to be solid. Through lack of greater vision or information we have tended to focus exclusively on the physical aspect of ourselves without recognising that it is actually created from and sustained by the energetic layers that are outside our normal vision.

These energetic layers or subtle bodies create an interconnected field of energy around the physical body that is commonly known as the auric field. Each subtle body connects into the physical body via an energy point or chakra, which directs the energy into the physical body via the meridian system.

An Overview of the Human Energy System


The picture above provides a visual image of the human energy system, including the subtle bodies, energy points and chakra points as they relate to the physical body

Uses for crystal energy

Pain and muscle stiffness

Sore muscles

Promotes faster healing from injury

Improves Circulation

Open chakra points (apply small amount to all 7 chakra points )

Breathing problems put small amount on heart chakra front and back and feel the Air.

Apply to your feet at night for overall healing energy while you sleep and increase circulation

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Poison Ivy Soap & Salve

TOUCH-ME-NOT poison Ivy Bee Gone soaps and salve are made with only the finest oils for your skin ,Infused in all naturally grown jewel weed .
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Why jewel weed for poison ivy::read more..

Jewelweed is best known for its skin healing properties. The leaves and the juice from the stem of Jewelweed are used by herbalists as a treatment for poison ivy, oak and other plant induced rashes, as well as many other types of dermatitis. Jewelweed works by counter-reacting with the chemicals in other plants that cause irritation. Poultices and salves from Jewelweed are a folk remedy for bruises, burns, cuts, eczema, insect bites, sores, sprains, warts, and ringworm.
) The single most effective remedy for exposure to poison ivy or poison oak may be a plant closely related to the popular garden plants known as impatiens.

Jewelweed, or Impatiens capensis, has long been used as a remedy for skin disorders by indigenous North Americans. It apparently contains chemicals that neutralize the components responsible for the skin-irritating effects of poison oak, poison ivy and other irritants including stinging nettle, insect bites and ringworm. Folk remedies also recommend jewelweed poultices as treatment for minor injuries such as bruises, cuts, burns, sores, sprains and warts.

According to Varro Tyler in his book Herbs of Choice, a 1958 study compared jewelweed to “standard poison ivy dermatitis treatments,” including corticosteroids. The researchers found that the plant was effective in treating 108 out of 115 patients, leading to complete symptom relief within two to three days.

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