Dreamy Bee Glow – P.M.

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Ladies!! Unlock your senses and relax with our new super power Dreamy Bee Glow Silk PM Serum. It is the most amazing night time skin moisture lock serum ever created! You will see and feel the softness fast! The healing herbs and flowers sending you and your skin into a deep dreamy restful sleep.

  • Super anti-aging.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Fights acne.
  • Heals scars.
  • Diminishes dark spots and deeply plumps and moisturizes your skin.

Apply to clean face, neck, and around eyes right before retiring for the night and Zzzz!

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Dreamy Bee Glow P.M., Combo with Rubus Glow Silk A.M.

3 reviews for Dreamy Bee Glow – P.M.

  1. Ann B.

    This is indeed a lovely moisturizer to put on at night for a dreamy relaxing rejuvenation!

  2. Jennifer Chaney

    My husband and I both use this product before bedtime. Both of us have noticed a difference in sleep. I go to sleep much faster now. We both seem to be getting more deep sleep and I can actually sleep in now! So happy with this and all other products we have tried from Honey Bee Nanny!

  3. Robin O’Neal

    Absolutely LOVE this Dreamy Bee Glow serum! Immediately on application, I got a sense of peace & tranquility. My body relaxed a bit more from head to toe and, following months of restlessness and insomnia, I fell asleep with ease. On waking, I noticed that the skin on my face was super soft and supple instead of tight and dry as it had been. LOVE this stuff! Hook me up with more! Thank you, Honey Bee Nanny <3

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